Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two different types of springs used on garage doors. Torsion springs are attached just above the closed garage door, while extension springs are located above the upper tracks on both sides.

It’s important to know whether or not a garage door spring repair provides service for your needs. Garage door repair company’s certified technicians are fully equipped to work on torsion and extension spring systems.

Garage Door Spring Repair Cost

The most common question we get over the phone is, “Okay, so how much does it cost to replace garage door springs?” To give you an exact price quote, we would need to know the size of the door, weight, and type of garage door springs needed (torsion or extension). Since we carry so many different types of springs to account for all the different types of garage doors, we recommend that a certified technician takes the proper measurements himself before giving you an exact price quote.

Garage Door Spring Safety

Both torsion and extension springs can be extremely dangerous. Because the springs are wound very tightly, if they were to break they could cause a lot of damage as well as bodily injury. If you suspect that your garage door springs are in need of maintenance, please leave it to the pros and call us today.

We repair most garage door spring makes and models! If you need a garage door spring repaired or installed call Mr. Garage Door today.